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Your financial support helps Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center continue to promote biodiversity by creating opportunities to dream, play, learn, and discover. We educate 16,000 students per year, participate in a federal Species Survival Plan for the American Red Wolf, and care for 317 acres of native habitat for local wildlife, pollinators, trees, and native blooming plants.  

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Greener Chattanooga.

A majority of the 16,000 students who come to Reflection Riding for nature based education each year are from underserved communities. In order to reap cognitive, health, and emotional benefits of nature, they first require scholarships to afford the bus ride and field trip fees.  Your gift of $13.50 makes it possible for one student to realize the beauty of the world around them and begin learning. 

Support a happy and healthy world for all Chattanoogans. Sponsor an underserved student today.

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