Meet the beautiful creatures native to east tennessee

We care for a broad collection of wildlife representing 29 species and nearly 40 individuals, all native to east Tennessee. We call them our Animal Ambassadors.  We use many of these Animal Ambassadors in our educational programs. They help thousands of school-age children and adults learn more about each species, their habitats, and how we humans can help them.

Please contact us via email or by calling 423-497-4482 with any questions.

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The animals in our care require feeding, enrichment and medical care year-round. Your financial contributions allow us to provide the highest level of care available in captivity and to continue to use these animals to reconnect people with nature.




Whether they are endangered and threatened species, or a species in need of management, the animals live in our Native Animal Exhibit or our Snake Tale Alley because they have been affected by humans in such a way that they can’t survive on their own in the wild.

  • They may have suffered an injury.
  • They may have been kept illegally a pet.
  • They are part of a species survival plan: Reflection Riding is one of 42 facilities in the world that house the 8th most endangered mammal in the world—the Red Wolf. Learn more about the red wolves right here in Chattanooga!

Some of our animals are off-exhibit and you can only see them in the classroom. When you visit, if you do not see the animal you hoped to see, ask at the Visitor Center to find a member of the wildlife staff and we will try to satisfy your curiosity.

what species do we have in our care at the nature center?

Support our animals by gifting them something from our Amazon Wishlist! We are in constant need of things like trash bags, chew toys, cleaning supplies and more. Thank you for your donation!

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