venues at reflection riding


Perfect for company picnics and larger outdoor gatherings, our Pavilion is a screened-in structure that overlooks the scenic pine savannah and bamboo groves.

Backyard Field

Situated behind the Reflection Riding Visitors Center, the Backyard Field is a spacious venue overlooking Candy Flats and the forested slopes of Lookout Mountain. This space is great for weddings, concerts, and large crowds.

Sensory Garden

The Sensory Garden is the front yard of the Humphrey's House. In view of the Upper Pond and encompassed by a semi-circle garden, this is the spot for small ceremonies or outdoor events. 

Paddlers' Perch

Bring a hammock and stay overnight in the Paddlers' Perch, which overlooks Lookout Creek and our dock. Not only for slumber parties and blue-way stopovers, the Perch is suitable for small parties who want to gather in the midst of nature's best offerings. 

Discovery Treehouse 

The Discover Treehouse is especially popular for birthday parties but has seen weddings, bachelor parties, and other whimsical celebrations. The treehouse has light if you need it and is handicap accessible. 

Humphrey's House

The Humphrey's House is a popular venue for corporate retreats, weddings, live music, and more. The historic home once belonged to the founders of Reflection Riding and still maintains a balance of comfort, style, and contentment. 

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