Annual Giving Society Members form the backbone of support for Reflection Riding. Thank you to our current members for their dedication to our mission. If you would like to learn more about joining the Annual Giving Society, click here.

Nancy & Charlie Belin

Edgar Bennett (estate gift)

Kate & Kevin Boehm

Danna Bailey & David Brock

Susu & Paul Brock

Charlie Brock

Zane & Greg Brown

Mike Campbell

Charles Carnes

Mary Beth & Jim Catanzaro

Joan & Ken Clark

Pat & Angie Conroy

Suzanne Corrington, MD

Katherine & Sam Currin

Heather & Joe DeGaetano

Margaret & Scott Ferguson

Ruth & Eric Fleming

Peter & Myra Fox

Paula Haynes & Greg Grant

Jennifer Goodman

Mary & Ron Hagen

Marlene Y. Humberd

Deanne & Nelson Irvine

Wendy & David Johnston

Arline Mann & Bob Katz

Ginny & Tim Kelly

Lisa Lemza & Mike Shillinger

Tresa & Franklin McCallie

The McKee Family

Brian Mickles

Robert Mingus

Kristina & Tom Montague

Mollie Nelson

Margy Oehmig

The Patten Group

Kathleen & Fred Robinson

Brett Rousch

Melissa & Santosh Sankar

Mary Stockard

Doug Warner

Stephanie & Dawson Wheeler

WMWA Landscape Architects

Loti Woods & Dale Weiler


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