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what is included?

The perfect outdoor location for your special day, a dedicated staff member to work with you on the setup details, and a card from us every year to commemorate your day.

how many people are able to attend?

Right now, given the pandemic situation, we are permitting groups of 10 or fewer on the property and this includes weddings. The 10 people include guests, officiants, musicians, photographers, etc.

is there a policy on photography or drones?

Yes. Take beautiful pictures but leave only footprints. We recommend using one of the great local photographers who already have a Photography Membership with Reflection Riding.

how much does it cost to reserve a location?

$1000 for a three-hour event at any location on our property, including “outdoor” structures like the A-frame or the Pavillion.

how far in advance do i need to reserve?

We’d like to have your wedding booked at least two weeks in advance. If that’s not possible, we understand and will work with you to find an open location. Note that other small events or groups may be using different locations, so the sooner you book, the better!

which locations on the property can be used?

Pavilion, Backyard Field, Sensory Garden, Paddler’s Perch, Discovery Treehouse, Wide Open Spaces

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