Saturday, February 9, 2019
Past: Forest Therapy Walk
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. • Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center
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Guided forest therapy walks are an open invitation to slow down, become fully present in the moment, and listen to the voice of the forest. Through a standard sequence of invitations, participants develop their own meaningful relationship with nature. This is a worldwide practice that leaves participants feeling calmer, lighter, more grounded and relaxed, and at peace. University research shows a wide array of health benefits, especially in the cardiovascular and immune systems as well as stabilizing and improving mood and cognition.

At the end of the guided walk, participants will be asked to fill out a short evaluation form in order to make sure that each session is the best it can be. Quotes from previous evaluations include:

“The forest didn’t need anything from me.”

“ It is important to be open and vulnerable to the process because there are no expectations, then there is room for the unexpected to happen.”

“I am more open to the gifts others bring into my life.”

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About the guide: Connie Keetle started training to become a certified forest therapy guide in California in August through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs. When she is working as a guide, she is practicing the art of cultivating relationships with nature through sensory connections. She believes the human, and more than human world, benefit from this powerful, yet gentle, practice.

Photo by Steven Kamenar on Unsplash


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