Why I Give, written by Lisa Lemza

November 7th, 2019

Why I give

By Lisa Lemza

"Change is hard."  It is dangerous; it invites failure — or fabulous new and different failures; it requires us to leave the cherished security of our cozy current state, even when that state is miserable .  And, it is the most inevitable and constant absolute of mortal life.

Change can be 'for the worse' of course.  The current desolation in our dynamic but beautiful and intricately balanced natural world indicates how very bad 'change' can be.

Change is uncomfortable.  It is scary, and more than occasionally outright terrifying. Some seek it eagerly; most of us resist kicking and screaming and are dragged into the future leaving claw marks.  But change also brings renewal, inspired leadership, creative collaboration, and the grace of yet another chance to get it right.

I believe that Reflection Riding's experiencing such a pivotal moment.  It is why I have given them my hard earned money. The gentle wisdom and sanctuary it has long offered seems now seems crackling with a different and vibrant energy, bringing  wider participation, more access, and clear advocacy. I especially appreciate its use of good science while healing the degraded natural systems in this regional treasure. I sense the lively shipyard energy of an ark being built, one dedicated to restoration, education, and the preservation of this good earth and its creatures.

Where will it end?  Well, let's see. This is why I give.

Ready to help?

Join, donate, volunteer.

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This really spoke to my heart. You may not know that RR was a place Jeff and I went to frequently. Often we would sit in contemplative silence on the big rocks by the Skyuka Springs Trail. Can you just imagine the wonder of Nature that allowed us to be together with such an intimate connection to each other and the beauty around us in total silence. I can still smell the mossy rock, the water, the rich earth and Jeff. Those were such very special times for me. I loved Jeff very much and miss him terribly, but am comforted in knowing he is not suffering or in pain.

Sandy Norris Smith - November 7th, 2019 at 9:20 pm

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