2018 Holiday Gift Guide

December 12th, 2018

We here at Reflection Riding put a lot of value in giving. It’s important, whether you’re donating winter jackets to a coat drive or finding a new toy for your dog. But it’s not just an activity — it’s an attitude. It means spending time and resources on finding something perfect, just to make someone else happy. And as we are well aware, sometimes that can be incredibly hard! We’d like to help you out, so below are suggestions for everyone on your list this year. 

Give Fun

Portable Jawbone Speaker

Portable speakers are great for pretty much any situation, whether you’re camping or having a classy dinner party. Atmosphere is everything! JBL and iHome have great options, but you can find a decent-quality speaker at any price point. 

Silent Auction Gifts

We have tons of great gift ideas to bid for on our silent auction page! You can bid on unique experiences at Reflection Riding and local gifts from our community partners. Find everything from Milk & Honey gift cards to a "Beer With A Bobcat" tour, but hurry up - the auction ends on December 19!

Yoga Mat

Sometimes the world is stressful. Everyone knows someone who could use a little time to decompress, and getting on the mat could do the trick. Brands like Jade Yoga, Manduka, and Prana are companies that use sustainable materials and environmentally friendly processes when making their mats.

Reflection Riding Membership

Come hang out with us! We have plenty of hikes, canoes, animals, and running trails to keep your family and friends busy for the whole year. With a Reflection Riding membership, you aren't just passively buying an experience - you're also supporting environmental learning and enriching the Reflection Riding community by adding yourself or your loved ones to it!

Give useful


Unfortunately, we all rely on our phones a lot these days. But they don’t have to distract you from experiencing real life! Music, directions, and camera abilities can all be a great part of exploring, and a recharger is a useful tool to have when you’re not by an outlet for a couple of days (or weeks, or months…).

Camp Chair

Great for camping, but also for music festivals, outdoor movie screenings, impromptu picnics, and a lot more. Our team enjoys a lightweight, easy-to-fold chair (like this one) for backpacking. For everyday use, try gifting something padded and comfortable instead. And of course, hammocks aren't technically chairs, but ENO's DoubleNest Hammock makes a great couple's gift.


Who doesn’t need a headlamp (or even a second headlamp)? They’re as good for hiking and camping as they are for outdoor laser tag. If you're buying a headlamp for someone else, you'll want to consider how they'll be using the gadget. Price point, weight, brightness, and beam length can vary wildly from model to model; lucky for you, Switchback Travel wrote a guide to some of their top choices.


What can we say? The items on this list have many uses. None may come in handy quite as often as a multitool, and it’s something anyone can find useful. Our facilities director Tim says, "You can't go wrong with Gerber." For a deluxe experience, we also like the Leatherman Signal because it comes with so many tools, including a safety whistle and fire-starting rod!

Give learning

Oli Kai

James Howard and his family created this book after bringing our crow ambassador home to Reflection Riding. Oli Kai teaches children about purpose, patience, and adventure. All proceeds benefit Reflection Riding, and what could be more fun than reading this with your kids and then meeting the main character in person? While they last, we'll have a limited number available at the Welcome Center for $15 each.

Local Field Guide

If you have a grandfather with a passion for ornithology, or an aunt who can’t get enough of wildflowers, look no further than a local field guide. Find an easily portable one and they can take their knowledge to the next level and learn more about their surroundings wherever they go. 

Five Star Trails: Chattanooga

According to one staff member’s mother, Five Star Trails is the best trail book out there for Chattanooga. Hikes are broken down by difficulty and terrain, but also by views. Whether you want a brief but uphill hike to a spectacular waterfall or a nice long one that reveals one of the best bird’s-eye views of the city, this book has you covered.


Learning doesn’t just mean books! Giving someone an experience they’ve been wanting to try could be the most exciting "thing" they unwrap this year. Some of our favorite local ideas include classes at The Chattery, renting a SUP or kayak, or arranging a behind-the-scenes tour with us. To make the gifted experience even more memorable, plan to tag along and enjoy the day together!

give back

Red Wolf Foundation

Red wolf policies have made some strides this year, but red wolves are still critically endangered and need our support. Give to our red wolf program at Reflection Riding, or click here to adopt a red wolf pack at the Endangered Wolf Center. If you've got family or friends who also care about the cause, consider donating in their honor - then let them know how they inspired you to give!

Native Plants

Add beauty to someone’s life while benefiting our local ecosystem and pollinators! This list includes plants that are great for anyone living in Chattanooga - be it person, bee, or butterfly. 

Our Wish List

If you’re really in the mood for giving, why not check out the Reflection Riding wish list? You'll find everything from raptor carriers for our animal ambassadors to classroom equipment for the under-served students who come for field trips. We'll also be adding to this list throughout the year - be sure to check back anytime you're in the mood for giving back. Thank you for your support!

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