Our Giving Tuesday Quest? A New Outreach Vehicle.

November 1st, 2018

Goodbye to the Box, our trusty Honda Element. From hauling plants to road trips with red wolves and owls, the Box has been our outreach vehicle for a number of years and served us well. Unfortunately, after a series of events it has been totaled and can no longer safely transport our wildlife, plants, and staff around Chattanooga. This is a huge problem for us, as many relied on it -- from getting animals to the vet to transporting educators and materials to schools. 

As for now, we have leased a stow-and-go van that has been a great replacement so far and has in many ways been even better for the tasks at hand than the Box ever was. But this is still just a short-term solution, and for the sake of continuing our mission we have determined that it needs to be made permanent.

So as Giving Tuesday is fast approaching, we have shifted our focus from general fundraising to one point: buying a van. For those of you unfamiliar with Giving Tuesday, it is on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, to kick off the charitable season and to celebrate philanthropy and giving back. We are lucky enough to live in a city so wonderful and philanthropic that it ranked in the top 15 last year for most generous cities in America! And because Chattanooga is so generous, it has its own version of Giving Tuesday: CHAgives. CHAgives is the local version of Giving Tuesday, focused on making the 27th as big and beneficial as it can possibly be. We are one of many organizations involved, and it all culminates in a pop-up at Miller Plaza (not to mention a breakfast we will be hosting beforehand). 

At Reflection Riding we believe it is important to give where you live. Therefore, we are setting our goal at $20,000 for Giving Tuesday (see our giving "thermometer" pictured on the left), in order to continue benefiting and participating in the Chattanooga community that we love so much. By helping us raise money for this van you are not only showing how much you care for Reflection Riding itself, but also for wildlife education, native plant restoration, animal conservation, and making sure a green space in the heart of Chattanooga can thrive. 

We offer our thanks for all the continued support, and would also like to extend an invitation to our #CHAgives breakfast before the festivities at Miller Plaza.

About the Author:

Bess Turner graduated from Tulane University in 2018 with a BA in English, Anthropology, and Environmental Studies, where she also worked for the Tulane Hullabaloo and the Undergraduate Student Government Sustainability Committee. When she's not writing for Reflection Riding you can find her on the mat, hiking, reading, and searching for the best veggie burger in Chattanooga. 

You can follow Bess on Instagram @bess_turner

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