chattanooga: let's wrangle some weeds!


From Invasive Plant Control (IPC):

Weed Wrangle®, is a one-day, citywide, volunteer effort to help rescue our public parks and green spaces from invasive species through hands-on removal of especially harmful trees, vines and flowering plants. Typical unwelcome plants are honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica and L. maackii), Chinese privet (Ligustrum sinense), winter creeper (Euonymus fortunei), autumn olive (Elaeagnus umbellata var. parviflora), English ivy (Hedera helix) and kudzu (Pueraria montana var. lobata).

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Volunteers at each site will learn the importance of invasive plant management and remove targeted plants by hand and/or with simple gardening tools (like pruners and weed wrenches). Below, you'll find a list of local Weed Wrangle® sites with registration information. The Weed Wrangle® can't happen without your support - we'll see you there!

Tennessee River Gorge Trust

  • Date: March 1st 9am-1pm
  • Location: Pot Point
  • Targeting: privet and other invasive plants
  • Additional Information: Remember to wear sturdy boots in case of mud. 

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Lula Lake Land Trust

  • Date: March 2nd 9am-12pm
  • Location: Core Preserve
  • Targeting: privet, honeysuckle
  • Additional Information: We will provide gloves and water.

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City of Chattanooga

Date: March 2nd 9am-12pm
Location: Renaissance Park
Targeting:  bush honeysuckle, vine honeysuckle, english ivy, privet, euonymus 

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Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center

  • Date: March 2nd 9am-12pm
  • Location: Meet at Welcome Center
  • Targeting: privet, bittersweet, English ivy, euonymus
  • Additional Information: Wear long pants, sturdy boots, and closed-toe shoes. Bring a reusable water bottle!

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Lookout Mountain Conservancy

  • Date: April 6th 9am-12pm
  • Rain Date: April 13  9am-12pm
  • Location: 1835 Old Wauhatchie Pike
  • Targeting: kudzu, euonymus, English ivy, and bush honeysuckle
  • Additional Information: Dress to get dirty!

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