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The American Red Wolf is the most endangered canid in the world with approximately 27 individuals in one wild recovery area in northeastern North Carolina and a captive population among participating institutions.  The American Red Wolf population began declining over many years from predator control programs, human interactions, and habitat loss. In 1980, the American Red Wolf was declared extinct in the wild. In 1987, through captive breeding efforts, the American Red Wolf was re-established in the wild.

Photo by Reflection Riding volunteer and environmental arts and humanities student Henri Bonner.

There are approximately 220 American Red Wolves living in captive breeding facilities including the population at Reflection Riding. As a member of the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan  since 1996, Reflection Riding is one of  44 wildlife sanctuaries, zoos, and nature centers that assist with the long-term care of, planned and captive breeding of, and public education about American Red Wolves. With concerted conservation efforts from these dedicated cooperators, the American Red Wolf will remain protected and will continue to be part of our landscape.

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The American Red Wolves at Reflection Riding are ambassadors for their species and  valuable contributors to the captive breeding program with three litters born on site over the years and hopefully more in the future.  These vital and beautiful animals help us understand the challenges American Red Wolves are facing and the importance of their restoration.

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We encourage you to continue reading about American Red Wolves online, but please be sure to check the credibility of your sources—as with any controversial issue, there is a lot of misinformation online! Below are some great starting points for reading more:


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