Wood Duck (Aix sponsa)

Wood ducks can be found at Reflection along Lookout Creek, especially in the flooded, wooded wetland areas around the Blue Heron Boardwalk. These beautiful creatures can be difficult to spot and are skittish around people but reward a birder's effort with spectacular plumage. Breeding males have an unmistakable multi-colored appearance and both sexes have a distinct crest on the head.

"I took this photo of a pair of wood ducks during a big winter flood when the wooded lowlands around the boardwalk were completely flooded. I had a hard time getting close to them because they're so shy and would swim all the way to the other side of the boardwalk every time I got close. Since the boardwalk itself was flooded it took a while to walk from one side to the other via the shoreline. I didn't have waders or I would have gone in and kept following them. I still feel fortunate to have captured something even though I didn't get the best photo." 

-Mark McKnight

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