Thanks to Volunteers

Thanks to Volunteers

A message from our Volunteer Manager:

“Volunteers are a natural resource that Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center, a public nonprofit organization, can depend upon to promote our mission in the greater Chattanooga community. Our volunteers donate over 4,000 hours of service every year. That saves Reflection Riding over $80,000!

Volunteers help maintain the property in a number of crucial ways, and they help us position the organization for a stronger future. Volunteers work alongside our staff in conservation, research, and stewardship efforts.

Because of our volunteers, we are able to reach out to our community neighbors to help them understand how important it is to care for our backyards, our communities, our world! Volunteers make a real effort in real causes with real results.”

Thanks to Volunteers:

“Thanks to all our volunteers. Without you, Reflection Riding wouldn’t be able to offer students, adults, plants and animals this wonderful resource in Chattanooga.”

For more information about Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center volunteer opportunities, call 423-821-1160 ext. 105 or email for more information.