Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit

When you plan your visit, just remember to… Escape, Experience and Explore!

Escape to the Botanical Gardens and Arboretum—a restful retreat where garden projects, including the Butterfly Garden and Grandmothers Garden, complement a Level IV Arboretum supporting hundreds of scientifically classified and labeled trees and shrubs.

Experience the wonder of Wildlife—spot hawks, foxes, turtles, turkeys, deer, and many other species of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Educational opportunities abound in the Wildlife Wanderland, where Reflection Riding, as part of a national recovery program, breeds Red Wolves, one of the 8th most endangered animals in the world.

Explore this historically rich Landscape Park, brimming with unspoiled natural marvels. More than 15 miles of trails and the historic Lookout Creek lure you through land and waterways that Native Americans, Spanish explorers, Civil War soldiers and many others have trodden. And now you can take horse-drawn carriage rides throughout our trails and many wildflowers and trees.

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