Red Wolf Close-up

Endangered Red Wolf

Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center, an outdoor adventure destination, bridges the gap between hectic, indoor-oriented lifestyles and the land, plants, and wildlife surrounding us. Our goal is to create an environment where all people, from the youngest to the oldest, can visit and find a niche in nature that calls to them.

Canoe Lookout Creek

Rent a Canoe

We have 317 acres to explore with hiking trails through landscape and wilderness, the Reflection Riding Loop to drive and cycle, a Blue Way connection through Lookout Creek, and our Wildlife Wanderland of native animals. We encourage you to branch out and discover your world—it’s an amazing, beautiful place.


Natural Classrooms

Science takes on new life when children of all ages are out in the wild, touching, hearing, seeing, smelling, and otherwise embracing nature. We’ve had more than 30 years to develop our resources for teachers and students—creating fun, interactive programs to help meet state and county science standards and benchmarks. Whether hiking up Lookout Mountain or exploring a pond, students return to the classroom with indelible memories.

Adult Education

Adult Programs

Children aren’t the only ones who need to experience nature. Adults can continue learning and engaging with nature here through our School of the Field and Woods, full of mind-provoking lecture series, health-oriented activities such as yoga and hiking, and continuing education opportunities like our new Certificate of Native Plants program.

Keep an eye on our website, Facebook, Meetup and Twitter pages for the schedule of events that include guided canoe trips, nature hikes, trail runs, and other outdoor activities that get the blood pumping.

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The original music of the piece by composer Beth West entitled “Reflection Riding” is available on CD in our gift shop.