Susan’s Curves

Susan’s Curves

This somewhat strenuous trail joins Nelson’s Upslope soon after the clearing called Shenstone Landskip. Curving around the mountainside it passes steep rock ravines and Mountain Laurel colonies to reach the intersection of South Ride, Bradford Williams Loop Trail, Nelson’s Upslope and Lights Mill Trail. The trail, originally for cars, was named for Mrs. J.B. Sizer, the mother of Margaret Chambliss.

“Mrs. Sizer was an enthusiastic gardener. She took a badly abused lot and made a lovely garden.”

Names at Reflection Riding Have Botanical Significance
by John A. Chambliss

In the last few years a large number of deer have come to call these woods home.

When traveling the Driving Loop, you will pass a bank of primroses which started in Mrs. Sizer’s garden.