The Trails

The Trails

Within The Ridings’ 300 acres lie over 14 miles of trails and roads to explore. Mountain slopes, meadows, a creek side walk, and wildflower paths – there are many different options. Come and try them all.

Mountain Trails: The energetic and athletic will enjoy the terrain of South Ride and Bradford Williams which ascend to the highest elevations. Light’s Mill, Nelson’s Upslope and Susan’s Curves offer moderate difficulty with lovely views in winter and rocky glens.

Indian Profile Trail: This 2.7 mile trail loops all around the Riding and gives a profile of the park with both intimate views and panoramic vistas. You can see beautiful natural areas not accessible from the driving loop.

Driving Loop: This amazing designed route is always a favorite of joggers and bikers as well as those who wish to travel by automobile. It is approximately 3 miles of mostly flat terrain. And starts at the Visitor Center and returns to the Upper Reflecting Pond.

The Trails
Reflection Riding Driving Loop
Indian Profile Walking Trail
Mountain Hiking Trails
Bradford Williams Trail
Lights Mill Trail
South Ride
Susan’s Curves
Nelson Upslope
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