The Barn

The Barn

We only had a tumbled down barn with (what Mr. John called, tie in stalls) which was not  adequate or humane. There was a very small lake ‑ all about the same location as now.

Harold and I sold Mr. John on the idea of moving in a saw mill and cutting timbers to build a new barn. We drew the plans to scale, moved in the saw mill hands (they camped in the back cabin) and now set out to mark and cut the large oaks above Margaret’s Glenn.

We sold enough cross ties and hard wood flooring to Williams & Voirce Lumber Company to pay for all the cutting and sawing of the timber (cut to dimensions) for a twelve stall barn.  We employed a “Pentecostal preacher” to build the barn and when all was complete we had $500.00 left over.

Marie Humphreys’ Comments on Reflection Riding

Marie Humphreys in 1940  Reflection Riding Horses  The Horses of Reflection Riding

Building the Barn