Squincy Bird Cabin

Squincy Bird Cabin

The Squincy Bird cabin utilizes a dovetail notch, which results in a more secure interlocking of log. The original chimney was made of mud and sticks, large and square at the bottom but narrow at the top. Residents of these early cabins had to inspect the inside and outside of their chimneys before retiring at night to check for sticks that might have caught fire.

Squincy Bird Cabin was secured by Frank Sauter who was from Cherokee, N.C., and who did a great deal of planting for me. It belonged to an Indian named Squincy Bird and upon his death was taken down and brought here to be reassembled. The chimney and other work was done by D.F. Bandy, a mountain man of great skill. Robert Sparks Walker got a Mr. Shaver of Chattanooga who knew the “stick and stone” chimney art to advise.

Names at Reflection Riding Have Botanical Significance
by John A. Chambliss

Wash Basin at Squincy Bird Cabin   Wash Basin circa 1800

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