Cherokee History

Cherokee History

For at least 2000 years, native Americans have lived on and around Lookout Mountain and Chattanooga. Indian remains dating to 200 BC-400 AD have been found in Lookout Valley near Trenton (about 15 miles south of The Point).

The two Indian tribes that predominated this area from the 1600’s to the early 1800’s were the Cherokees and Creeks. During this time, the Cherokees occupied the northern end of Lookout Mountain and Chattanooga.

Skyuka was a Cherokee Chief in command of the Chickamaugas who fought John Sevier on the northern end of Lookout Mountain on September 20, 1782 (the Last Battle of the American Revolution). Skyuka Springs at the western base of Lookout Mountain (along the National Park Trail system) was named after him.

Wauhatchie (Skyuka) Glass was a Cherokee Chief of a town located in Lookout Valley just beneath Sunset Rock. He enlisted and fought for the U.S. against the Creeks in 1813 and was wounded in 1814. He was one of the chiefs who signed the Hiwassee purchase in 1817 and is recorded as one of those moved in the Trail of Tears. In 1863, a bloody Civil War battle was fought on the site of the town once governed by Chief Wauhatchie Glass.



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