The History

The History

From John Wilson

The scenic property along Lookout Creek where it trails beneath the giant shadow of Lookout Mountain and finally empties into the mighty Tennessee River has been the backdrop for history’s pageantry and nature’s colorful cavalcade from time immemorial.

Lookout Creek – known then as Tunnacunhe-became the haunt of the Native American Indian tribes, and a great civilization grew up at Moccasin Bend where the river broke through the mountain passes and made its torturous turn. Two old Indian trails passed by, following the ancient buffalo paths. The fiery Dragging Canoe brought his Chickamaugas to the remote Tunnacunhe, and they made it their staging area for deadly forays against the early white settlers.

A few pioneers had set up homesteads on knolls above the creek when the Civil War broke out and armies of the blue and gray began trooping across the valley. Here was fought the midnight battle of Wauhatchie and was launched the assault against steep Lookout Mountain in 1863.

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