Susan’s Path

Susan’s Path

Susan's Path across from Olmsted Outlook

Susan’s Path across
from Olmsted Outlook

Celebrate the life of Susan Chambliss Irvine on this lovely path above Olmsted Outlook. Some of the best displays of spring wildflowers are found here including wild azaleas, mountain laurel, violets, Virginia Bluebells, Allegheny Spurge, Sweet Betsy, Yellow Trillium and beautiful evergreen spruce.

In the late sixties and early seventies, Susan used to pick up her parents and drive them through the riding. She stated, “It was always filled with fun and fancy, an experience I treasured. Their great enjoyment in the growing of the flowers and trees, in the light reflections and shadow as we drove through were healing and priceless.”

Susan's Path Award Plaque mounted on Boulder

Award Plaque

In 1989 Susan Chambliss Irvine was recognized for her outstanding contributions to Reflection Riding when she was named the winner of the Catherine H. Sweeney Award of the American Horticultural Society.

Susan Chambliss Irvine’s History of Reflection Riding in her own words.