Herb Garden

Herb Garden

Relaxing area across from the Herb Garden

Relaxing area across
from the Herb Garden

The Herb Garden, located in front of the Pavilion is planted and maintained by Rosemary Hurayt and Bobbie Richards. Rosemary (destined to be an herb gardener!) is a clinical social worker in private practice.

The raised garden includes mature plants Lavender munsted, rosemary, lemon grass, pineapple sage, lemon and English thyme, scented geraniums, and English Lavendula augustfolia. In the new area they have planted seeds of Herb Robert, small multi-colored sunflowers, poppies, medicinal herb peppers, Mexican sage and fennel.

“What is Paradise but a garden, an orchard of trees and herbs, full of pleasure and nothing there but delights.”
William Lawson, 1618

Make a Wish at the Herb Garden

Make a Wish at
the Herb Garden

Herbs have been around since time began; their properties and powers have played an important part in politics, romance, love, religion, health and superstition. Many herbs familiar to settlers from other countries were found growing wild in the new country. American Indians knew almost every wild non-poisonous plant using them chiefly for domestic purposes – tanning, dying and eating.