Sheets Sward

Sheets Sward

Farm From Sunset Rock

Farm From Sunset Rock

The pasture climbing towards Lookout Mountain across from Squincy Bird’s Cabin is called Sheets Sward. It was named in 1942 for a young flying cadet, Jim Sheets , who gave the Chambliss family a watercolor he had painted -“Farm From Sunset Rock.”

The flat clearing, or prospect at the top of the pasture is called Shenstone’s Landskip for William Shenstone an English poet and one of the earliest practitioners of landscape gardening.  (“Landskip” is an old English term for landscape. )

“Straight my eye hath caught new pleasures, Whilst the landskip round it measures.” –Milton

A large tulip poplar dominates the clearing that contains bronze plaques paying tribute to Chambliss ancestors. It is worth the hike up Profile Trail to enjoy this amazing vista which encompasses two pastures, the winding road, the creek and a distant view of Raccoon Mountain. This is an example of ‘appropriating’ the landscape which John Chambliss learned from Humphrey Repton an 18th century landscape architect.

Shenstone Landskip around 1940

Shenstone Landskip 1940

Shenstone Landskip 2014

Shenstone Landskip Today

Horses at Sheets Sward 1962

Horses grazing at Sheets Sward in 1962