Cornish Horizon

Cornish Horizon

At this point in the tour of the Riding the road continues to follow Lookout Creek. Occasionally the road is closed due to seasonal flooding which has gradually reduced the creek bank. Its restoration is one of the urgent priorities of Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center. A lovely row of paper birch follow the curve of the Creek and an area of milkweed has been planted as a monarch way station. Mistletoe covers the branches of the water loving boxelders along the bank. Tree frogs serenade the lucky travelers in this area called Cornish Horizon.

In an article to the Chattanooga News-Free Press in 1970, John Chambliss wrote, ‘My first and greatest inspiration as to the significance of scenery came through Vaughn Cornish’s book Scenery and the Sense of Sight. The book gave Chambliss the conviction that scenic beauties could be enjoyed by all and were a cure for human ills. Therefore not only is this landscape named for Cornish but he is one of the three men in whose joint memory Mr. Chambliss established the Reflection Riding Memorial Lectures at the Royal Society of Arts in London.

Cornish Horizon Row of Paper Birch Trees

Paper Birch Trees

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