The Riding

The Riding

Created by John and Margaret Chambliss in the 1950’s, and maintained according to plans by renowned landscape architect Thomas Kane, Reflection Riding is dedicated to the study and conservation of native plant life. Designed in the picturesque style the park is meant to enhance the natural beauty of the landscape. It features twelve miles of walking trails as well as a three mile loop drive intended to capture a sequence of views throughout the property. Over three hundred acres stretch for a mile along the Creek , then rise slowly through pastures and meadows up the forested western slopes of Lookout Mountain.

The naming of Reflection Riding was a joint endeavor. John Chambliss drew upon his extensive knowledge of English literature when he named his landscape garden. The English definition for Riding — “the path of pleasure”, to drive or walk through and reflect on a series of unfolding scenes, could not escape him. It was perfect. But what would convey the purpose of the park? Margaret Chambliss provided the other half of the name – Reflection – for she recognized it as a place of restorative contemplation.

Reflection Riding is a historic landmark and prized Cultural Landscape.

Download John Chambliss on Reflection Riding History in his own words.

John A. Chambliss    John and Margaret Chambliss at Reflection RIding     Thomas Kane at Reflection Riding     Strong supporters of the proposed plan for Reflection Riding discuss the plans with Thomas Kane.