Urban Coyotes

Here at Reflection Riding, Wildlife Assistant Jeremy Hooper is studying human-coyote interactions in the city of Chattanooga.

“Through this study we hope to improve the human-coyote relationship in Chattanooga,” said Hooper. “You can help by reporting your coyote sightings, educating yourself about coyotes, and adopting the recommended measures to decrease human-coyote conflict!”

Please take time to fill out our survey if you’ve seen a coyote in your neighborhood!  With this information we hope to gain much needed knowledge about the “urban” coyote and implement best coyote management strategies.  Thank you!

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1. When did your coyote sighting occur?

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2. What did you see?
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3. What was the duration of your sighting?
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4. Where did the sighting take place?
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6. What are your greatest concerns regarding coyotes?

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