Eastern Box Turtle

Eastern Box Turtle

Reflection Riding houses four Eastern Box Turtles, three females and one male. It is very important to remember that any reptile which has been held in captivity for more than 90 days can harbor pathogens that could have a negative impact on wild populations if it is released.

Fun Facts:

  • The Eastern Box Turtle was named Tennessee’s official state reptile in 1995.
  • A box turtle’s shell is not completely hardened until it is 7 years old.

What to look for:

  • One of the females arrived in 2001 with a cracked shell, making it impossible for her to mount a box turtle’s best defense against predators, which is closing the shell completely.
  • The second female arrived in 2010 from a local veterinarian after suffering a leg amputation due to a possible lawn mower or weed- eater encounter.
  • The third female arrived in 2010 after needing a front left leg amputation.
  • The male, obtained from a local veterinarian in 2010, is easily identified by his silver-splotched back. While he was kept illegally as a pet, his owners painted him silver and released him into the wild. He was later found with a missing leg.

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