Corn Snake

Corn Snake

On exhibit in Snake Tale Alley, you can find two Corn Snakes. One male enjoys visiting students during naturalist and traveling programs. The other male was illegally held as a pet and was transferred to us through recommendation by the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency.

Fun Facts:

  • Corn Snakes get their name from the pattern on their belly scales that resembles kernels of Indian Corn.
  • As with most rat snakes, a cross-section of the snake will resemble a “D” shape, with a flat belly, steep sides, and a rounded back.  It also resembles a loaf of bread.
  • Corn Snakes are also known as the Red Rat Snake.

What to look for:

  • One of the male Corn Snakes is amelanistic, meaning he is missing some, but not all, of the normal color pigments.  That would make it difficult for him to use camouflage in the forest.

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