Red Wolves

Red Wolves

The Red Wolves living in the Wildlife Wanderland at Reflection Riding are on loan from the US Fish and Wildlife Services.  They are part of the federal Species Survival Plan for the Red Wolves.

The Red Wolf is the 8th most endangered animal in the world—a critically endangered mammal. Efforts are being made to restore this species to its original habitat.

Fun Facts:

  • Red Wolves are apex predators keeping the ecosystem’s natural balance by preying on small rodents, raccoons, white-tail deer, and nutria, a non-native rodent that has been destructive to crops.
  • The Red Wolf is an umbrella species. Ecosystems that support and conserve Red Wolves are likely environments that maintain a diversity of other wildlife, plants, habitat and landscape features. **An umbrella species is one that conservations use to gain support to conserve that species, and in return it greatly helps the other species around it (those under the umbrella!).

What to look for:

  • Reflection Riding has three enclosures for housing the Wolves; two enclosures usually contain two wolves each for public viewing.
  • One enclosure is off-exhibit and designated for breeding, though occasionally a breeding pair may also be placed on exhibit, according to the Species Survival Plan recommendations.

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