When our Bobcat arrived in the fall of 1998, he was approximately 6 months old. He had been held illegally as a pet and became habituated. That means he cannot return to the wild.  He enjoys interacting with many of his toys and keeps a watchful eye over the Wildlife Wanderland.  He enjoys feline diet, rats and meat treats 6 days a week.

Fun Facts:

  • Bobcats get their name from their short, “bobbed” tail.
  • A bobcat can leap ten feet in a single bound.  That’s 3.5 times its body length!
  • The pads on his feet allow them to be almost silent when walking in the woods. He also chooses his path wisely, placing his hind feet on the same spots where he placed his forefeet.

What to look for:

  • The bobcat has been known to hunt small mammals that wander into his enclosure.
  • His favorite toys include boxes sprayed with catnip and Christmas trees.
  • Our Bobcat can often be found sunning on a log or lying in the grass.

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