Broad-Winged Hawk

Broad-Winged Hawk

Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center’s Broad-winged Hawk came from a wildlife rehabilitation facility near Nashville in November 2009. He was most likely hit by a car resulting in a phthisic (wasting or shrinking) eye, which is being absorbed by the body. He was thought to be born in the spring or summer of 2009.

He lives off-exhibit, but you can see him on a perch or in the classroom.

Fun Facts:

  • He eats 3-4 mice six days each week.
  • The Broad-winged Hawk is the only Buteo to fly in large groups, called kettles, during migration. A kettle can be a few birds up to several thousand.
  • They can travel an average of 69 miles each day.
  • They live 5-10 years in the wild and 8-12 years in captivity.  The oldest recorded Broad-winged Hawk was 14 years old.

What to look for:

  • Since he is blind in one eye, he tries to keep his good eye turned toward you
  • Having only one good eye makes his flight very erratic

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