Barn Owl

Barn Owl

Our two Barn Owls are females with partial amputations—partial wing amputation after being struck by a car.  They both came to Reflection Riding in spring of 2007 from Wild at Heart, a rehab facility in Cave Creek, Arizona.

The owl with lighter face feathers served as a foster mom (she was given orphan barn owlets to raise until they were old enough to be released) and often vocalizes to defend her territory. The owl with darker face feathers was gloved-trained very quickly and is often seen in the classroom or on a perch near the visitor center.

Fun Facts:

  • Though their average life span is only two years in the wild (with a high mortality rate the first year), in captivity Barn Owls can live up to 30 years or more.
  • Barn Owls have an excellent sense of hearing.  They can hear a mouse’s heartbeat from 30 feet away!

What to Look For:

  • Both birds display the typical Barn Owl movement—rocking from side to side with heads bobbing as if they are shaking their heads “no.”
  • It may appear as if their eyes are closed, but they are always watching!

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Animal Diversity: Barn Owl
Cornell Lab of Ornithology