Fish Crow

This feathered ambassador arrived in the Spring of 2014 from a local rehab facility.  Our Fish Crow has severe wing injuries, so he cannot fly.

The Fish Crow has a narrower body, skinnier legs and a different call from the American Crow, which is a little thicker and calls the typical, “CAW CAW.”

Fun Facts:

  • Crows have more than 20 different calls. Most common is a loud, harsh “CAW.”  Others calls include a rattling sound, softer caws, coos, and clicks. Each style of call has a different meaning. Listen to sound bites!
  • Crows are exceptionally intelligent. They can make and use tools, solve puzzles, and follow other birds to food sources.
  • Crows like to play games that you like to play, like hide-and-seek, tag, and tug-of-war.

What to look for:

The Wildlife staff members are still learning the personality of this new animal ambassador.  They are currently training the crow for the glove and for classroom visits.

*Glove training is a falconry technique where a raptor is taught to get on a gloved hand and then remain there until given the command to return to his perch or mews.

Animal Diversity: American Crow
Cornell Lab of Ornithology