Wetlands are a vital link in the natural system that provides water and sustains life.

Constructed Wetlands:  Let Nature Do the Dirty Work!
Behind the Visitor Center and along Candy Flats is the Constructed Wetlands, a simple, effective and low-cost wastewater treatment option.

Wastewater flows into the area from a septic tank or primary treatment system. The wastewater is evenly distributed among plants where organic materials and pollutants are broken down by microorganisms and chemical reactions.

Read the step-by-step process for how wastewater is cleansed!
Constructed Wetlands Download

Walk along the Dave Irwin Memorial Boardwalk behind the Visitor Center to learn more about Constructed Wetlands!  A helpful map shows each step in the process.

Seasonal/Natural Wetlands:
Come to Reflection Riding and see a natural wetland!

Walk above a natural wetlands while traversing the Blue Heron Boardwalk. See nature hard at work conserving water, preventing erosion, filtering pollutants and so much more!

Learn more about Seasonal/Natural Wetlands!
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Tennessee Natural Resource Conservation Service