Reflection Riding’s staff members are your amazing go-to folks for information.  They aren’t the only way, though, to learn more. In the Visitor Center library, you can browse and find the answers to your questions in a plethora of books on various natural subjects.  From children’s books to flower guides for adults, plenty of knowledge awaits!

Do you want to identify a plant you found on the property? Would you like to know which animal the footprints in the mud belong to? Just take a picture of the leaf, prints, or whatever caught your attention and bring it to the Visitor Center to research and find out even more!

The library is also the hub for canoe rentals, so it is a bustling center for activity in the spring, summer, and fall.


The main lot in front of the Reflection Riding Visitor Center features handicap spaces and designated areas for school buses as well as guest parking during business hours.

There is also overflow and after-hours parking in the small lot to the right of Reflection Riding’s main entrance, and in the lot across Garden Road from the Colonel Kidde Trailhead, before you reach the main entrance.

During our Winter Operating Schedule, the main gates are closed Sunday through Friday, and are locked on Saturday at 4 p.m. Members are allowed to enter the property seven days a week, from dawn to dusk. When parking after hours, they should place their Reflection Riding membership card on the car dashboard.


During our Winter Operating Schedule, there are two portable toilets placed at Reflection Riding for the convenience of our members. During our normal Operating Schedule, Reflection Riding’s restrooms are located in the Visitor Center adjacent to the Reception Desk. There are separate facilities for men and women with several stalls in each.

We focus on conservation as much as possible and have automatic soap and towel dispensers for your use.