C.E. Blevins Bird Eggs Exhibit

C.E. Blevins Bird Eggs Exhibit

For years the talented artist C.E. Blevins crafted intricate egg replicas using clay and pvc molds. “Reflection Riding created the C.E. Blevins Avian Learning Center to display an amazing collection of art and to educate the public,” says Education Director Corey Hagen. “Having these nests and eggs will allow us to teach visitors of all ages about the diversity in birds as well as about the amazing process of egg creation.”

Killdeer Egg ReplicasGuests at Reflection Riding will be able to explore the Nesting Birds exhibit showcasing 30 nests like those of local bird species that nest in the wild on the Reflection Riding property. “Mr. Blevins hand-painted all the eggs and crafted them to scale as exact replicas of the natural eggs,” says Hagen. The late C.E. Blevins was permitted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services to collect natural nests from the wild. These authentic nests hold the appropriate number of replica eggs to match the number of real eggs each particular species of bird lays in the world.

New Reflection Riding ExhibitWith birdwatching a hobby of growing popularity in the region and Reflection Riding the perfect place for this activity, we expect the exhibit to attract birders from far and near who will enjoy the chance for a close look at these beautiful replicas.

The video featured below explains the process of creating these egg replicas.

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