Blue Heron Boardwalk

Blue Heron Boardwalk

Walk the Blue Heron Boardwalk:

The Blue Heron Boardwalk traverses the seasonal wetlands and provides guests with an opportunity to observe wildlife and plant-life in this unique and delicately- balanced ecosystem.

The Boardwalk was funded by the Garden Clubs of America Foundation and built in 1983—four years after the opening of the Nature Center—and is an American Disability Act (ADA) approved wheel-chair accessible experience. It originally connected to the George S. Bryan Discover Forest Treehouse and the Wildlife Wanderland.

Over the years, we extended the boardwalk to include Paddler’s Perch, a canoe storage area and the canoe launch.  Now, whether you want to take one of our canoes for a paddle on the Creek, or try to spot some of the raccoons, great blue herons, turtles and other wildlife that live in and around the wetlands, the Boardwalk provides the perfect pathway.

Please Note:  We closed a portion of the original 1,400-foot-long boardwalk due to damage wrought during the 2013 floods. The Boardwalk no longer connects directly to the Wildlife Wanderland.