Camp On Lookout Creek at Paddler’s Perch

Camp On Lookout Creek at Paddler’s Perch

Paddler’s Perch is just that, a tree-top perch where guests can gaze out over Lookout Creek, the seasonal wetlands, and our Blue Heron Boardwalk.

Paddler's PerchSpend the night in the canopy of the forest! Listen to the resident Red Wolves howl!  Count the stars! Experience true nightlife in the woods!


If you plan to come out to visit Paddlers Perch, please call ahead to make sure there is not a party or event scheduled for when you plan to arrive.

Private, convenient quarters:

  • Shutters on each screened wall for privacy, a solar composting toilet and lockable cabinets and drawers under a small counter.
  • An occupancy sign is provided to be placed at the foot of the steps to discourage others from meandering through your rented space.
  • Garden carts are also available for the transport of your gear from the parking area.
  • Potable water is located near the Visitor Center.

Rental Information:
Important: Rental is limited to members of Reflection Riding and paddlers on the Tennessee River Blueway.

Pricing: $35 for two occupants and $10 for each additional (regardless of age)
Capacity: 8
Restrooms: A composting toilet.
Parking: In the main lot in front of Reflection Riding’s Visitor Center.

All events and rentals (except canoe rentals) are scheduled through our Rental Department. Please call 423-821-1160 ext. 102, or email to secure your date.

Paddler’s Perch Rental Agreement
Paddler’s Perch Packing List