Family Programs

Family Programs

Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center hosts programs for families, children and adults alike.  Enjoy everything from night hikes, guided canoe trips, native plant classes and wildlife lectures to Fairy Houses and Mud Day!

Every program focuses on education with a fun and outdoor-oriented twist—imparting the vital messages of conservation and awareness.

Build Fairy Houses!

Build a Fairy HouseOne of our most popular outdoor adventures is the Fairy House Club, inspired by the book Fairy Houses, by Tracy Kane.

Participants receive a purse of fairy gold to purchase building and decorating materials in the Fairy Marketplace. Fairy House builders explore the forest for just the right site, and collect Nature’s “hand-me-downs” along the way. (Fairy House builders never, ever, pick any living thing live to build a fairy house. The fairies wouldn’t like that!)

This is a charming family activity for all ages. Every seasoned outdoor enthusiast and anyone who wants to spend more time connecting with Nature will find this a great way to spend some quality time!

Check our Calendar to see what’s happening this weekend, this month and this year! It’s never too early to ink in a day outdoors!